Back From Being MIA

Oh wow. I have not been on here in forever.  I apologize, I just haven’t been feeling things to post.  Recently, as in the time I’ve been missing, I’ve been working a lot so its harder to get on here.  I made four three crafts, the diaper cupcakes (which I posted), a beer cake for my fiance, a lollipop topiary for my moms 50th.  I could have sworn that I did one more, but I guess not.  So since I’ve been doing nothing but working my ass off I also haven’t been doing much writing.  I have a different writing style.  Right now I’m not really sure that I’m writing scenes for the same book all in all.  They may just be random scenes.  But anyway, I digress.  I write the scenes as I see them.  I don’t start from the beginning, middle, or even end.  I also having really had my muse with me the last few months so its been hard going trying to figure out scenes to write.  Below I’m posting what I envisioned as the start of my “book” story.  I won’t call it a book because it may never reach that status.  So here you go, this is titled “Moving Day”.  Its a partial, and not complete and will probably be changed around a bit within the final project.


“Come on, E. Today’s the big day so get your ass moving.” My best friend Gabrielle said as she bounced on my bed.

“Go away whore!” I mumbled as I pulled the covers over my head and snuggled further down into my cocoon, “Why are you so chipper anyway Gabby?”  That comment earned me a slap.  Gabrielle absolutely loathes being called Gabby, according to her; it’s the equivalent to being called Satan.

“Don’t call me that! What’s the big deal anyway?  You get a fresh start in a new town and I get to come with you!”

“I know, I know.  It’s just going to take me awhile to get used to, I hate that we have to just up and change our life that we have here.  Plus you know I’m not a morning person!”  She pulled the covers off my bed and jumped up to snuggle next to me.  “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine!”

I turned over so I was facing her, and gave her a pointed look.  “Okay, I’ll take your word for it.”  She sat up and gave me a hug, “There’s the girl I love! The one that’s always ready to conquer anything that the world throws at her.”  Her good mood proved too much for my dislike of mornings and I quickly found myself smiling along with her.

“What time is it anyway?” I asked as I ground the heels of my hands into my eyes to try and wake up.  “Um…it’s like 7:30.”  I shook my head at her as she gave me a sheepish smile, “What? I’m just a little excited.”

“Its fine, I’m kind of excited too.  I’ve always wanted to work in another bar, ever since I had in college, and now we own one!  It’s also a little daunting.”

I just found out that my uncle recently passed away and left me his pride and joy, a bar that has been in our family for at least a decade.  It happens to be in a few towns over so the commute is too long for Bree and I to just stay in our current apartment.  Luckily there is an apartment above the bar, which he just had remodeled.  It only has two bedrooms, but in between them is a small office that we planned on turning into a bedroom for my 3 year old son Ryder, since there is an office we can both use downstairs in the bar.  Plus we’d only be staying in there until we had enough money for another place.

“Is Little Man up yet?”

“We’ll be fine. Um, no I don’t think he is.”

“Alright well go get started packing all of your shit, I know it will take you all damn day.” I said with a wink as I pushed her off of my bed, so I could get up and start packing before Ryder was up and ready to play.



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