**Two Weeks Notice by Whitney G**

Okay, I’m going to preface this review with this: I love a good read about a boss and one of his employees. I really do. I’ve read multiple books by Whitney G, mainly her Boss/Employee story lines. I’ve read Naughty Boss, Reasonable Doubt, and Two Week Notice (with TWN being my most recent read). However when the story line seems to go the same way in a book I tend to lose interest. So it comes as no surprise that I was having déjà vu while reading Two Weeks Notice.



The timing of this book was very stretched out.  In books we always seem to see a faster paced, this is what the hero wants and he’s going to get it and get it fast. With TWN there is a lag in “getting to the good part”.  It starts like many other novels, the hero is an asshole and can’t seem to keep a certain employee until the “perfect” one comes along and is hired as his executive assistant. Eye RollThen there is a span of a few years while he continues to be an asshole, she just takes it and has no life because her job is her life 100%. Then they finally start exploring their relationship because the heroine finally has enough and tries to quit.

Overall it was an enjoyable read, even though it feels like I’ve read it before.  After I was done I went back and reread Reasonable Doubt and there were TOO many similarities for me to consider TWN a completely new storyline.  It seems like the author just recycled the story line and replaced the names with Preston and Tara, and added a few different details.  If it was written by a different author I would be seriously concerned that this was a case of plagiarism.

deja vu

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