**Double Down by Alessanda Torre**

Double Down AT
Supernatural Scream

Okay now that’s out of the way…

Alessandra Torre never disappoints me. I know that no matter what she puts her characters, my heart and fragile psyche through, it will always work itself out in the end. The main characters were perfect for me. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I love a book where the heroine needs the man to tell her what to do. Bell was one of my most favorite female main characters ever. She was no nonsense, didn’t need a man to help her get through life/provide for her. Dario was the perfect mix of bad boy/billionaire/dominate. He didn’t understand Bell’s need to be independent which was a fault of his. They were the perfect match for each other, his hard and unwillingness, to her power to make him bend. Torre’s side characters through this duet were powerfully written as well, and I look forward (read: hold on to hope) to reading them in their own stories. *I’m looking at you Alessandra….I need more Lance, Rick and even Laurent.*
Looking at you
I finished Even Money yesterday, and couldn’t wait to dive into Double Down to see where Bell and Dario’s story took them. Double Down was RIVETING, keeping my thoughts engaged throughout the dark and twisty events that were laid out perfectly. The pace, for me, never lagged. I was always flipping the pages faster to get to the next part of the story. Not only did you get some romance and sex, there was also an air of unpredictability and suspense throughout the whole book. It was the perfect mix of it all.

While the ending was satisfying I expected, that because this was a duet, that the ending would be wrapped up nicely in a neat little package and tidy bow. No such luck, and I should have know that with the author. While the ending left me satisfied FOR NOW, there was a pretty sizable loose end just fluttering back and forth in the wind. Sort of like that rouge hair that you can feel brushing against you, but no matter how hard you try you just can’t find it to remove it. This feeling isn’t enough to warrant a change in how I decided to rate Double Down. It wouldn’t hurt me to find out that Torre is planning on doing another book (or few) to finally tie down that fluttering loose end. *COUGH COUGH* I need more!

Overall though Double Down is a full of suspense conclusion to Alessandra Torre’s, All In Duet, that not only satisfies your need for closure but also leaves a door, not so widely, open to the possibility of additional books to smoothly finish out the story of Bell and Dario.

As Double Down is a continuation of the All In Duet Book 1, Even Money, must be read first. Advanced copy was provided by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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